Today’s guest has over 25 years of high end sales experience, serving in management roles at Harry Rosen and Holt Renfrew, and she led the opening of the first Williams Sonoma store in Canada, at Yorkdale and Bloor.  She has overseen over 120 employees, 8 managers and managed $20 million dollar budgets.  She transformed her sales experience into a successful real estate business, where she is a consistent recipient of the RE/MAX Platinum Club award, and has achieved the RE/MAX Hall of Fame award.

Let’s welcome: Lorie Ann Warren.

Learn how Lorie transitioned from high end sales to real estate and what skills helped her build her business.  The turning point that allowed her to overcome her hurdles and achieve a higher level of income and fulfillment. And how to experience your breakthrough year in 2018 by applying a simple strategy.


Today’s guest has been a pilot for 15 years.  He lives an active lifestyle, travelling, kite surfing, skiing, and has recently taken up skateboarding.  He’s been in the business for just four years, but has completed 50 transactions last year, and is on track to top 50 transactions again this year.  He has achieved the RE/MAX Platinum Club award.

Let’s welcome: Serge Guenette.

Discover what Serge’s schedule looks like, which allows him to complete 50 transactions a year.  The habits that gives him consistent and predictable income.  And the one thing he did that allowed him to become a top producer in rapid time.


Today’s guest has been in the real estate business for over 20 years, starting at the young age of 25.  He started practicing real estate in Vancouver for 9 years before moving to Toronto.  He has built a strong community presence, actively participating in the neighbourhoods he serves, while embracing technology and growing his social media presence.

His strong worth ethic, commitment to service, and building a close connection to his clients has earned him the RE/MAX Hall of Fame award and RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement award, and he is a consistent recipient of the RE/MAX Chairman’s Club award.

Let’s welcome: Mark Arnstein.

Learn about the techniques Mark used to build his business.  How he got his first exposure into social media and digital marketing. And what a strong emphasis on service and client experience has done for his business.

November 21, 2017

Do What You Love - Jasmine Lee

Today’s guest started in real estate right after high school, initially by investing in real estate and eventually getting her license.  She has built a successful real estate business, continues to grow her team, all while being involved in her community, living a balanced lifestyle and raising her young son.  She is a consistent recipient of the RE/MAX Platinum Club award, and has achieved the RE/MAX Hall of Fame award.

Let’s welcome: Jasmine Lee.

Find out how Jasmine has truly fused her passion into her business.  Why it's important to know your true values.  And the secret to super-fast business growth (it's not what you think!).

November 14, 2017

Ask For It - Vic Tosello

Today’s guest started his real estate business in 1990, just before the recession and amidst one of the most recent challenging periods in real estate sales.  After almost 30 years, he has built a thriving business with his business partner, and wife, while finding the time to continuously improve his skill set and enjoying memorable moments with his family.  He is the recipient of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement awards.

Let’s welcome: Vic Tosello.

Learn how Vic overcame challenges during the 1990's market shift.  What he has done, and continues to do, to grow his business. And a simple strategy you can apply to your real estate business to start seeing results today.


Today’s guest started in real estate in The Philippines at the young age of 17.  She moved to the US and then Canada, juggling many different jobs while building her real estate business.  She’s a RE/MAX Platinum Club award winner, and a recipient of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame award.

Let’s welcome: Clarita Burley.

Learn about Clarita’s early challenges in real estate and how she overcame them.  The turning point that helped her grow her business.  And what you should let go of right now so you can really achieve success.


Before starting in real estate, today’s guest travelled throughout Southeast Asia and landed a job teaching English in Korea.  He’s a champion at ultimate frisbee. A recipient of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame award. And he’s on the RE/MAX Top 100 list for individual Realtors in Canada.

Let's welcome: Jamie Dempster.

Learn how Jamie overcame initial challenges starting in real estate at a young age.  How having the confidence to present his value proposition helped him become successful at listing and selling homes.  And what you should really focus on to build a successful real estate business.


Today's guest was named one of the most interesting people in real estate by Inman News.  He's a talented musician who plays the Tabla. And he's a consistent Platinum Club award winner and has achieved the RE/MAX Hall of Fame award.

Let’s welcome: Ravi Singh.

Ravi takes us through his journey from working in the entertainment industry, at a corporate setting and discovering real estate.  He shares how he has built a successful team.  And what you should do to really crush your goals and be passionate about your real estate career.


Today's guest started investing in real estate at the young age of 22.  He's currently working on a startup to help fellow Realtors build stronger connections with their clients.  He has received both the hall of fame award and lifetime achievement award from RE/MAX.

Let's welcome: Micah Munro.

Micah shares the secrets of his success.  How he started investing at such an early age.  How focusing on his strengths has helped him build a successful business.  And what you need to do to take your business to a higher level.


He's a competitive runner who can run a half marathon (21.1km) in just 1 hour and 22 minutes. Downtown Toronto's #1 producer in condo sales. Recipient of the prestigious RE/MAX Diamond Club award.

Let's welcome: Christopher Bibby.

Learn the secret to Chris' success. What challenges he overcame when he first started. How he has built a successful business in just 13 years. What his day looks like. And what competitive running and real estate have in common.